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Congratulations to
2016 Spirit Award Winner 
John Madden
J.Madden Homes

John Madden, owner of J. Madden Homes, was chosen as this year’s Spirit Award honoree in recognition of a 1600 square ft. single-level home designed to be used as an aging in place. This home qualifies for NAHB Green Certification, Version #3 Energy Star, & PSO Power Forward and features products like 100% LED lighting, geo-thermal heating, cooling & hot water. Madden utilized almost 40+ Associate member companies on this one project. 

This is the second time that Madden’s efforts have led him to be awarded the coveted Spirit Award by the HBA, the first being in 2012. His professional designations include NAHB Certified Graduate Builder (CGB), NAHB Certified Green Professional (CGB).John Madden has been a member of the HBA for 10 years and currently serves on the Board of Directors. Additionally, he’s served as the president of both the Green Building Council and Builders Council. He has also chaired and served on a number of committees including the 2016 Education Committee, Membership Committee and Public Relations Committee and served as a member of the OSHBA Insurance Committee. He is also the current chairman of the 2017 Home & Garden Show.

J. Madden Homes is a sole-proprietor specializing in sustainable design, energy efficiency and disaster mitigation projects. Through proven long term partnerships with dedicated architects, designers and a selection of dedicated sub-contractors, J. Madden Homes provides customized quality through every step of the process within your prescribed budget. 

J. Madden Homes, LLC.
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Builders and Associates working together - that is the "spirit" that makes our Association strong. This strength and the importance of this relationship deserve special recognition. This award recognizes one builder who best exemplifies the "spirit of doing business with Associate Members". This award serves to commend the builder who utilizes associate members and recognizes the importance of his or her business relationship. 

The Spirit Award is not "just another award", it is the award. Our Association offers no higher distinction to our builder members. As a result, a renowned Oklahoma sculptor from Perry, Jim Franklin, created a one-of-a kind bonze display in the lobby of the HBA building and a smaller, desktop-size bronze eagle will be presented to the winner. The mold for the Spirit Award is owned by the HBA of Greater Tulsa and cannot be duplicated for any other purpose. The Associates Council invites you to participate in this prestigious program. Challenge yourself to look within the association for the goods and services you need. Join your fellow members and "Catch the Spirit". 


1. Any builder/remodeler who completes an Application for a project completed in the 2017 calendar year.

2. Builders must submit all suppliers and sub-contractors (both members and non-members) used on the project.

3. Previous Spirit Award winners are not eligible for three (3) years after winning the award.

4. All applications must be submitted to the HBA by October 26, 2017.


The Spirit Award applications will be judged as follows:

1. Percentage of members vs. non-members used on the Application.

2. Associates used on other projects or for personal business - one point each.

3. Application Questions - A committee of prior Spirit Award winners (five selected at random) will review the questions submitted to the committee without builder's name for review. Questions will be worth 33 total points.

4. Associates Ballots - Every associate member listed on the Project Application is mailed a ballot to confirm their participation on the project. Tabulation of points will be done by the Association's CPA firm. One point for every "good': two points for "excellent" and zero points for a "poor" rating.

5. The builder/remodeler with the highest number of points will be selected as the Spirit Award winner.

6. All information from your Project Application, Application Questions and the

Associates' Ballots will be held in strictest confidence.

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