Building, Buying and Owning a Home

Everything you need to know about buying, financing, building, or maintaining your home is right here. This section guides you through every stage of homeownership and helps you understand more about home building and the environmental and community growth issues facing our neighborhoods. Whether you’re a current or prospective home owner, or just interested in home building — there’s something for everyone.

Answers to Home Buying Questions  (8 items)

Should you buy a home in today’s economy? Find out the answers to frequently asked questions about home buying.
Building Your Home  (28 items)
The home building process from A to Z with helpful resources and advice to help you become a more educated consumer.
Financing Your Home  (19 items)
Learn about home financing basics from getting a mortgage to settlement and closing.
Floor Plans  (25 items)
Interested in the latest trends in new home construction? Find out what floor plans and homes are hot in today’s market.
Home Maintenance  (19 items)
Learn about routine maintenance, energy efficiency, safety and more in order to protect your investment and properly care for your home.