• Build My Future

    Skilled Workers Needed – Your Future Starts Now

    October 3, 2019 at Tulsa Technology Center, Riverside Campus
    801 E. 91 St., Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Students, teachers, councilors, and administrators are invited to Build My Future, the 2nd annual Construction Career Day & Industry Showcase presented by the HBA Charitable Foundation.  At Build My Future you will learn about the education programs and employment opportunities available in the construction industry in the area.  Come and experience hands-on learning labs, equipment demonstrations, and educational displays facilitated by industry professionals. 

    The construction industry is as diverse as the structures it builds.  Construction careers range from craft-level professionals, technical expert and project manager positions, to architects and engineers.  A wide variety of skill sets are needed:

    • physical and manual dexterity
    • mathematics skills
    • problem-solving skills
    • computer skills
    • and more

    At Build My Future, you will discover a career that spurs your passion and directs your path to the education and training that ensures employment success.  Tulsa's Build My Future was inspired by the Build My Future Construction Career Day & Industry Showcases produced in Springfield, Missouri, by the Ozark Region Workforce Development Board and the Build My Future Collaborative. 

    To see what you may expect at Tulsa's Build My Future event, click on the following links for YouTube videos of the 2017 Build My Future event in Springfield: Build My Future and Build My Future 2017.  

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    For more information:
    Jeffrey Smith - 918.663.5820 or jsmith@tulsahba.com
    Stacey Bayles – 918.663.5820 or sbayles@tulsahba.com


    Build My Future Mission Statement
    To inspire young people to pursue careers in the skilled trades, and to change public perception and
    raise awareness about the construction industry that promotes a skilled workforce for the future.  






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