Developer Application



    Step 1:

    Complete the BUILDER portion of the HBA application & agree to abide by our Code of Ethics.

    Click HERE for the HBA Application


    Step 2:

    Complete the top portion of the Subcontractor Reference and send them out to TWO of your sub contractors. They in-turn will complete the bottom portion of the form providing a reference for your company and return to the email provided on the form

    Click HERE for the Subcontractor Reference Form


    Step 3:

    Send verification of your general liability and worker’s comp insurance. All members are required to carry this to protect the homeowners in case of a lapse in supplier insurance. Please contact your insurance provider and ask them to add the HBA as a certificate holder to the policy.  They can send the COI to gabby@tulsahba.com or mail to Tulsa HBA 11545 E 43rd St Tulsa, OK 74146

    If you have no employees, a no-employee minimum policy can be obtained through Mark Priess at HUB International CFR 918-697-4140



    For questions on applications, please contact Membership Director Gabby Bridenbaugh gabby@tulsahba.com or 918-663-5820


    Application Process:

    • Fill out the Application & Supporting Documents & send to HBA membership director Gabby Bridenbaugh gabby@tulsahba.com
    • Pay your membership dues & application fee
    • All applications will go before the HBA Board of Directors once a month to be approved usually in the second week of the month.
    • Following the monthly meeting, you will be notified if you are approved or denied for membership
    • Start utilizing your HBA membership!