• Dispute Resolution Procedure

    1. Confirm that the company in question is a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa (verify membership through the online directory, which can be accessed from the home site of the Web page).  If the company is not a member, contact the Better Business Bureau for further assistance.

    2. If the company is a member of the Association, document the complaint in writing, address your letter to the Home Builders Association, including as many details as possible (i.e., dates, monetary amounts, your contact information, etc.), and attach any additional documentation such as photos, copies of contracts, etc., Be sure to ask for our assistance in your letter.

    3. Forward the letter and supporting documentation via regular mail or deliver by hand to:

    Home Builders Association
    Attn: Marlena Chase
    11545 E. 43rd St.
    Tulsa, OK 74146

    Note: Complaints are not accepted via e-mail or fax.

    4. When we receive a complaint letter the Association will notify the member and let them know they have received a complaint. The member then has 10 business days to address the complaint.

    5. If after the 10 day waiting period the complaint remains unresolved then we forward the complaint to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for dispute handling. The HBA has a special arrangement with the BBB where they act as a neutral third party and handle the dispute process. The BBB will first attempt to resolve the matter through complaint conciliation. If a resolution is not made then the complaint will go to arbitration. If a resolution is not reached at the BBB though complaint conciliation or arbitration then the complaint will be returned to the HBA for our Ethics Committee to review.

    6. If, at any time, the builder member fails or refuses to cooperate with this dispute resolution procedure, the builder may be asked to appear before the HBA Ethics Committee. The committee has the authority to require the builder to comply with the procedure and to recommend action against a noncompliant builder, including possible revocation of membership in the HBA.