Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa ;
  • Builders & Developers Council 2.2.2023

    Monte Dunham
    Monte L. Dunham Company, President/CEO
    Ken Klein
    Kleinco Properties, Inc., President/CEO
    Howard Kelsey
    Kelsey Company, President/CEO
    Toby Powell
    Concept Builders, Inc., Owner/Principal/Partner
    Tom Wenrick
    Wenrick Development
    Mike Fretz
    Mike Fretz, Inc., President/CEO
    Rex Alexander
    Rex Alexander Enterprises, Inc., President/CEO
    Perry Hood
    Perry Hood Properties, President/CEO
    Edward Kaplan
    The Buckingham Group, Inc., Owner & Design Principal
    Ed Kaplan, owner & design principal of The Buckingham Group, a 35yr. old residential design/build remodeling firm. Graduate engineer, published 30 ...
    Joe Robson
    Robson Companies / Forest Ridge Development
    Bill Butts
    Pinnacle Properties, Inc.
    JD Harp
    Classic Properties
    Tom Watts
    American Heartland Building Co., President/CEO
    Brad McMains
    Hunter Homes, President/CEO
    Ed Schermerhorn
    Schermerhorn Development
    Craig Boos
    Boos Builders, Inc., President/CEO
    Brandon L. Jackson
    TARA Custom Homes, Inc.
    Philip Rhees
    BMI Next Generation Homes, President/CEO
    Established in 1969, BMI has built exceptional homes all over the Tulsa Metropolitan area.  We specialize in building custom homes with budgets ran...
    Barry Helms, GMB CGR CGB CAPS CGP
    Renovations By Helms, Inc.
    David Blackburn
    Classe' Homes, President/CEO
    Glenn Shaw
    Shaw Homes, President/CEO
    Lindsay Perkins
    Lindsay Development, LLC, President/CEO
    Craig Thurmond
    Thurmond Consulting, Inc.
    Wayne Farabough
    Perfection Homes, LLC, President/CEO
    Greg Simmons
    Simmons Homes, LLC
    Richard Dodson
    Dodson & Associates, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Gary Soderstrom
    Gem Contractors, Inc., President/CEO
    Rob Miles
    Milestone Homes, Inc., Owner/Principal/Partner
    Mark Palmer
    Palmer Custom Homes, Inc.
    Jim Rackleff
    Jim Rackleff Co., Inc., President/CEO
    Bruce Gardner
    Gardner Construction
    Kyle Smalygo
    Smalygo Properties, President/CEO
    Tony Jordan
    Jordan & Sons, LLC, President/CEO
    David Charney
    Capital Homes Residential Group
    Sam Smith
    Tradition Homes, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Travis Butler
    Butler Homes, LLC, President/CEO
    John Davis
    John K. Davis, Jr., Inc., Sales and Marketing Manager/Director
    Rodger Tucker
    Cobblestone Homes, Inc., President/CEO
    Steve Wright
    Castlerock Builders
    David Dodd
    Banner Custom Homes, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Chuck Schwartz
    Magnolia Homes, Inc., President/CEO
    Glen Rogers
    Rogers & Associates, Inc., President/CEO
    Brian Wiggs
    Brian D. Wiggs Homes, Inc., Owner/Principal/Partner
    David Gibson
    Gibson Homes, Inc., President/CEO
    Chuck Ramsay
    Shaw Homes, President/CEO
    Keith Jones
    Integrity Development Group, LLC
    Judy Emmert
    IronWood Custom Homes, LLC, President/CEO
    Hamid Valad-Khani
    Glenwood Homes
    John Madden
    J. Madden Homes
    Darren Rager
    Artisan Construction of Oklahoma, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Rob Ralston
    Ralston Custom Homes, LLC
    Mike Harrison
    Mike Harrison Custom Homes
    David Bollinger
    Bollinger Construction Services, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Chester Ullrich
    Best Quality Roofing & Construction
    Gary Heitgrass
    Heitgrass Construction Company
    Ron Staggs
    Landmark Homes, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Carl Joy
    Chase Ryan Homes, LLC, President/CEO
    Mark Galbraith
    Homes by Mark Galbraith, LLC
    Randy Dillman
    Brandy Creek Development Co., President/CEO
    Brandon Perkins
    RBP Development, LLC
    Matthew Cozort
    Cozort Custom Homes, LLC
    Peter Grant
    Grant Homes Remodel & Restoration
    Ralph Sandmeyer
    Southern Homes, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    David Molony
    Masterpiece Renovations, Inc.
    Kevin O'Brian
    K.E.O. Construction
    Brendan Delehanty
    Villa Homes, LLC
    Colin Winkley
    Winkley Homes, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Daniel Larochelle
    DL Homes, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Greg Frye
    Pepper Ridge Properties
    David Friesenhahn
    Terra Nova Properties, LLC
    Kyle Armstrong
    Armstrong Home Builders, LLC
    Marc Bullock
    Crestwood at the River, LLC, President/CEO
    Robert Soden
    1st Choice Quality Builders, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Joel Money
    Money Homes
    Jesse Powell
    Concept Builders, Inc.
    Marcella Harp
    Classic Properties
    Eric Elias
    Classic Properties
    John Davis
    Schermerhorn Development
    Dana Bowen
    Simmons Homes, LLC
    Bart Morris
    Capital Homes Residential Group
    Denice Welker
    Gibson Homes, Inc.
    Steve Grim
    Shaw Homes
    Kevin Ryan
    Will-Bilt, Inc., Owner/Principal/Partner
    Daniel Doughty
    3D Solutions General Contractors, Owner/Principal/Partner
    We are a local grown company that specializes in the construction of custom homes and residential renovations in the Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. 
    Steve Murphy
    Yorktown Builders, LLC
    Mike Parks
    Envision Homes, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Dean Christopoulos
    Dean Christopoulos Const. Co., LLC, President/CEO
    David Lee
    Lee Signature Properties, LLC
    Jeannine Kolibas
    Masterpiece Homes, Inc., President/CEO
    Ron Robinson
    Ronco Construction & Supply Co., Inc., President/CEO
    Danny Mequio
    DMP Custom Homes, Inc., President/CEO
    Rob Brewer
    Spartan Construction
    Bill Ford
    Old School Construction
    Lonnie Shackelford
    Simmons Homes, LLC
    Bill Powers
    Powers Design & Build, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Richard Hayden
    RCH Homes, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Daniel Ruhl
    Ruhl Construction, LLC
    Earl Howard
    Howard Custom Homes, LLC, President/CEO
    Tom Soden
    Tocara Custom Home Builders, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Robert Blocker
    Woodbridge Homes, LLC
    Robert Blocker has been in the construction industry his entire life.  His father built homes and he has actually performed many of the various job...
    Larry Odell
    L&K Homes, Inc., President/CEO
    Brett Sharp
    Timber Creek Properties, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Mike Wallace
    Wallace Properties, Inc., President/CEO
    Glenn Simms
    Re-Bath of Tulsa
    Cahn Wiggs
    Brian D. Wiggs Homes, Inc., Owner/Principal/Partner
    Erin DeWeese
    Brian D. Wiggs Homes, Inc.
    Benjamin Slick
    CDS Custom Homes
    Cole Swango
    Signature Series Homes, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Beau Brewer
    Scissortail Builders, LLC, Co-Owner
    BJ Frohnapfel
    Diamond Homes Oklahoma
    Corbin Smith
    Tradition Homes
    Brad Lambert
    Brad Lambert Construction, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Robbie Nees
    Titan Homes, LLC, President/CEO
    Jared Brown
    Water Rock Homes
    Connell Curran
    Abbey Homes, LLC
    Rod Brunken
    Meadow Homes Construction, Inc., Financial Manager/Director
    Mark Romine
    Mark Romine Company, Inc., President/CEO
    Randy Branstetter
    Rembrandt Homes
    Steve White
    Village Homes, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Brad Dunlap
    Brad Dunlap Properties, LLC
    Clark Neely
    CBC Builds, LLC
    Aaron Rogers
    Rogers Design Build, LLC
    Michael Lamb
    Lamb Homes, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Mike Fournier
    Sonrise Construction, Owner
    Mike Fournier, is the owner of Sonrise Construction, and was the 2020 President of the Tulsa HBA, and the 2021 “Builder of the Year.” Mike is als...
    Davis Robson
    Robson Companies / Forest Ridge Development
    Noble Sokolosky
    Executive Homes, LLC
    Jim Kelley
    Jubilee Construction Services, Inc., President/CEO
    Chad McCutchen
    Home Innovations, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Craig Boos
    Citadel Residential Group, President/CEO
    Jason Sheffield
    Shangri-La Real Estate Development, LLC, VP/General manager
    Greg Grunewald
    Yorktown Builders, LLC
    Julius Puma
    La Bella Homes, Inc., President/CEO
    Mike Alexander
    Insight Homes, Inc., Owner/Principal
    Casey Ketchum
    Ketchum Properties, Owner/Principal/Partner
    John Robertson
    John James Construction Company, President/CEO
    Allen Jenkins
    Silvercrest Homes, President/CEO
    Norm Welker
    Gibson Homes, Inc.
    Cameron Walker
    Green Country Habitat for Humanity, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Kurt Dodd
    Stone Creek Custom Homes, Inc., President/CEO
    Rick Willcut
    Will Pro Construction Services, Inc.
    Darrell Byrd
    Property Arts, Inc., President/CEO
    Ryan Farabough
    Farabough Homes, LLC
    Jason Davis
    J. Davis Homes, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
      J. Davis Homes is a Premiere Custom Home Builder, we specialize in Building Luxury and Custom Homes in South Tulsa and pride ourselves on maint...
    Louie Slape
    Slape Custom Homes, LLC
    Kyle Richison
    Rausch Coleman Homes, Sales and Marketing Manager/Director
    Jared Andersen
    Sixth Day Properties, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Kevin Blackburn
    Classe' Homes
    Nathan Coyle
    Coyle Custom Homes, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Bobby Green
    Bgreen Homes
    Bailey Miles
    Milestone Homes, Inc., Sales and Marketing Manager/Director
    Chris Burton
    Chris Burton Homes, President/CEO
    Josh Zajac
    Hammer Stars, Inc., Owner/Principal/Partner
    We are a family-owned business established in 2014 and are dedicated to building lifelong relationships with satisfied customers. We have a highly ...
    Matt Emmons
    Emmons Construction, LLC, President/CEO
    Jay Labadie
    Labadie Construction, LLC
    Matthew Arkison
    Core Homes, LLC, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Patrick Huntley
    Legacy Home Builders, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Michael Sorrell
    Capital Homes Residential Group
    Dana Day
    Dana Build and Design, LLC, President/CEO
    Nora Gordon
    Gada Construction, LLC, President/CEO
    Nicholas Parker
    Born Again Restored, LLC
    Caynen Early
    Capital Homes Residential Group
    Darrell Jenkins
    Silvercrest Homes
    Russell Cozort
    Cozort Construction, Inc., Owner/Principal/Partner
    Grant Barron
    Renovation & Construction Services, LLC, General Manager
    Grant is a Tulsa native who is a second generation builder. During the course of his career not only has he overseen multi-million dollar residen...
    Adrian Berryhill
    Berryhill Properties, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Amy Prosser
    AMIAN Homes, Owner/Principal/Partner
    Ian Prosser
    AMIAN Homes
    Courtney Dooley
    Dooley Design LLC
    Mark Smith
    MAS Construction LLC
    Larry Battaglia
    Kent Construction, President
    Emily Konieczny
    Rausch Coleman Homes
    Phillip Fingerle
    HomeScape Construction, LLC
    Beth Byrd
    Beacon Homes, Director of Sales and Marketing
    Jared Scott
    Beacon Homes
    Damon Ousley
    Ousley Contracting & Construction LLC
    Jason Peper
    Trail Blazer Homes LLC
    Jason Parks
    1907 Homes, Owner
    Darrin DeShazer
    Executive Homes, LLC
    Gant Hinkle
    True North Homes LLC
    Adam Curran
    Archway Homes, Builder
    Tim Martin
    Oklahoma Royal Homes, President/CEO
    Robby Reed
    RLR Custom Interior, Inc.
    Danny Brumble
    Brumble Construction Co., Owner
    Donna Doughty
    3D Solutions General Contractors, Director of Marketing & Advertisement
    We are a local grown company that specializes in the construction of custom homes and residential renovations in the Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. 
    David Nelson
    Freedom Homes Oklahoma, LLC
    Lucas Daffern
    Kleinco Construction, LLC
    Chris Johnson
    C2K Homes, LLC
    Chris Parker
    Ropark Properties, Inc
    Brett Neil
    Sparks Construction
    Garet Thompson
    JAG Resources, LLC
    Anthony Faddis
    Green Country Habitat for Humanity
    Jake Salyer
    Hearth Custom Homes
    Mike Miller
    CC and Mike, LLC
    Jeramy Holm
    Holm Sweet Home Construction
    Jeremy Andrews
    Schermerhorn Development
    Rob Walker
    Epic Custom Homes, Sales Director
    Sean Bowen
    Simmons Homes, LLC
    Pat Hummingbird
    HomeGuard Construction, Inc.
    Drew Curley
    Spectacular Homes
    Brian Rose
    Stone Canyon
    Brian Rose Director of Stone Canyon brian.rose@stonecanyonliving.com 918-376-6764
    Chas Higgins
    Higgins Homes
    Stephen Reeves
    Reeves Remodeling
    Lance McLearen
    Mc2 Custom Builders
    Jared Lemons
    Summit Properties, Inc., President
    Jared Lemons is the President of Summit Properties, Inc., which is a recognized Real Estate Development and Construction Corporation. We are a real...
    Tony Long
    Tony Long Construction
    Paxton Jenkins
    Silvercrest Homes
    Andi Hogan
    ARRT Construction, LLC, Owner
    ARRT Construction was founded in 2011 by owner Andi Hogan. It wasn't easy, but word quickly spread about the quality of work and character custom...
    Patrick Delehanty
    Villa Homes, LLC
    Glen Rossi
    Rossi Bros. Remodeling Co., LLC
    Carrie Crane
    Masterwork Homes, LLC
    Nathan Sweats
    Anthem Construction Co., LLC
    Beverly Swaringim
    Chateau Homes of Oklahoma
    Hunter Edwards
    Chausseur Homes, LLC
    Amy Hughes
    Epic Custom Homes, Project Manager
    John Umholtz
    Umholtz Construction
    Jacob Giroux
    Hammer Stars, Inc.
    Victor Jones
    Victor Homes, LLC
    Corey Asher
    Asher Construction
    Aaron Sprik
    Hill House Design and Construction
    Victoria Smith
    Butler Homes, LLC
    Randy Highfill
    Highfill Properties, Manager
    Tim Guinn
    Guinn & Thomas Builder, LLC
    Leroy Johnson
    OK Cross Timber Homes by Leroy Johnson Construction
    Michael Green
    Green Cos Develope Group Inc
    Mark Pixley
    Pixley Lumber Co Inc
    Tim Whorton
    Whorton Construction
    Steven Helt
    Helt Heat & Air, LLC
    Michael Peters
    Redline Homes, LLC
    Dean Ashbrook
    Pixley Lumber Co Inc
    Jack Ritter
    Pixley Lumber Co Inc
    Jyna Murdoch
    Epic Custom Homes, Accounts / Billing
    Nicole Zajac
    Hammer Stars, Inc.
    Zac Tenison
    Rosten Homes, LLC
    Harry Dandelles
    Hyde Park, LLC
    Shayne Saucier
    Riverbend Estate Homes, LLC
    Brandy Breedlove
    Abbey Homes, LLC
    Tyler Choate
    TTA Construction, LLC
    Jamie Kennedy
    Kennedy Homes, LLC
    Kennedy Homes is a superior custom home builder and is locally owned and operated by Eric & Jamie Kennedy. We were recently voted TulsaPeople's A...
    Frankie Keirsey
    Capital Homes Residential Group
    Lynn Sloan
    Taber Built Homes, Production Manager
    Jake Thompson
    Taber Built Homes
    David Funk
    Brookwood Homes LLC
    Billy Daves
    Lane Property Group, LLC
    Jose Gomez
    Marcela Homes LLC
    Trent Harris
    LCS Construction LLC, President/Project Manager
    Vanessa Carlisle
    Robson Companies / Forest Ridge Development, Property Manager
    Jessica Mitchell
    Butler Homes, LLC
    Jason Holmes
    TRUCO Development
    Christine Kihega
    Pixley Lumber Co Inc
    David Nicholson
    Pixley Lumber Co Inc
    Caswell Thompson
    Hammer Stars, Inc., Sr. Project Manager
    Brian Henry
    Ideal Homes, Director of Construction
    Jared Britton
    New Age Homes LLC, President
    Ashton Prickett
    Borger Homes, COO
    Jalia Brewer
    Scissortail Builders, LLC, Co-Owner, Designer, Realtor
    Kaylee Piatt
    Abbey Homes, LLC, Marketing
    Darby Thomas
    Concept Builders, Inc., VP of Operations
    Jeff Starkweather
    Focus Home Building, LLC, Owner
    Pamela Jackson
    Epic Custom Homes, Selection Design Specialist
    Kirk Murdoch
    Epic Custom Homes, Owner
    Donna Bullock
    Crestwood at the River, LLC, Co-Owner
    Darrell Moody
    Revive Exteriors, Managing Member