• Committee Information

  • The Greater Tulsa Home & Garden Show committee is made up of HBA members and their spouses. There are over 100 volunteers each year that put on the biggest and best Home & Garden Show in the state. For more information on being on the committee or to sign up for a committee, please look through the information below and contact the chairs of the committees you would like to volunteer on. If you have any questions about the show or volunteering on a committee, please email Morgan Sikes at msikes@tulsahba.com or call 918-663-5820.

    Committees that need volunteers are: 

    Landscaping – Erin DeWeese – erin@briandwiggs.com

    Watch Dog – Dave Sanders – rdsand1@sbcglobal.net

    Exhibitor PR – Peter Grant – peter@granthomestulsa.com

    Street Signs – Roger Cooper – roger@rr-tulsa.com

    Poster Sales – Briana Ross – tulsarealestatelawyer@gmail.com

    Entrance Hosts – Mary Pearce - mpearce@ftctulsa.net

    Outdoor Exhibit Area – Pablo Perez – pperez@aminis.com

    Information Booth – Keelyn Bigham – kbigham@allstate.com

    Floor Logos – Jennifer Ashley - jennifer.ashley@gatewayloan.com

  • Advance Ticket Sales: Promotes the sale of advance tickets to our membership. Coordinate the direct marketing through mail, association publications and committee, council and board meetings. Coordinate with Show Chairman and coordinator the mailing of complimentary/advanced tickets, with appropriate correspondence to membership and various organizations as directed. The committee also helps the Show coordinator prepare the move in packets for the Show.
    Time Committment: Approximately 20 minutes before each committee meeting

    NOTE: Tickets are to be sold only in books of 10 to HBA members ($40/book) and Show exhibitors ($50/book) prior to the Show week. Tickets are not to be resold or purchased for non-members and are available in limited quantity.

    Committee Attire: Email or fax the committee the attire size form 2-3 weeks before the order deadline.   Determine sizes and quantity needed and insure the delivery of all attire 30 days prior to the Show. Additionally, coordinate with staff and Show Chair a picture day with entire committee in Show attire.
    Time Committment: Aprproximately 1-2 hours compiling shirt sizes from forms; 1-2 hours before March committee meeting to go through and label each shirt; 1 hour at March committee to distribute shirts to each committee member.

    Committee Headquarters/Lounge: Design and coordinate the set-up for the committee lounge. Arrange for tables, chairs and materials needed to coordinate with the Show’s theme. The Chair will set-up and tear down from this area. Arrange for the lounge area’s refrigerator, cable television, lounge chairs and floor covering and table decorations. Included in duties: getting the Show Poster matted and framed for the chairman and the HBA. The Poster for the chairman must be matted but not framed and available the week of the Show so everyone can sign it in the Lounge.
    Time Committment: Approximately 1-2 hours. Will also need to be on-site for Monday drop-off.

    Poster Distribution: Coordinate the distribution of the show poster to exhibitors, members and public areas in the Tulsa metropolitan area, to promote interest in the upcoming show. Chair must be ready to take on the objective of contacting public facilities, retail stores and local businesses (including HBA members and the Chamber) to promote the Home & Garden Show through displaying and selling posters. 
    Time Committment: Varies based on how many posters you distribute.

    Exhibitor Lounge: Design and coordinate the set-up for the exhibitor lounge. Arrange for tables, chairs and materials needed to coordinate with the Show’s theme. The Chair will set-up and tear down from this area. Make sure area is an enjoyable space for exhibitor to get away and eat or relax for awhile. There will be designated times the Exhibitor Lounge is open. 
    Time Committment: Approximately 1-2 hours. Will also need to be on-site for Monday drop-off.

    Landscaping: Design and coordinate all landscaping including, but not limited to: center feature, rest areas, main street, Creekmore Avenue, ramps and information booths. Create the landscape layouts with the Show Chair. Determine the type and numbers of plant materials required and obtain bids from HBA members first, followed by appropriate suppliers if necessary. Coordinate with Chair and obtain donated items needed for decorations such as fountains, ponds, garden décor, etc.
    Time Committment: Varies depending on landscaping design and plant deliveries.

    Center Feature:  Landscape and any other items needed around the center feature.
    Time Committment: Approximately 10-12 hours. Will need to be at show during show set-up and coordinate times with center feature chair.

    Street Signs: Coordinate the assembly and placement of street signs. Following Show, remove and disassemble street signs for storage. Annually assess need for additional signage and adequacy of signage design.
    Time Committment: Approximately 1-2 hours on Wednesday, March 8 at 3:00 pm to get sign materials ready; approximately 2-3 hours on Thursday, March 9 at noon to place all signs; approximately one hour on Sunday, March 11 at 5:00 pm to pull signs from show floor.

    Packet Stuffing:  This will take place in February at 5:00 at the HBA. We will be stuffing the exhibitor check-in packets. Dinner will be provided. 
    Time Committment: Approximately 2 hours.

    Watch Dog: Deter theft by walking the Show floor and being seen during Show set-up (Monday-Thursday, Noon to 10 p.m.) and Show teardown (Sunday 5 p.m. -10 p.m. and Monday 7 a.m. until Noon.) Monitor that move-in and move-out bands are worn and report anything that seems unusual or out of the ordinary to appropriate Show Chair or staff. Do not put yourself in jeopardy. Radios will be provided.

    NOTE: All committee members will be expected to fill at least one shift. 

  • During Show Committees

    Committee Food & Beverage: Provide meals for the Show committee and staff from set-up to teardown. Plan menu to provide for the following meals: Week of Show: Monday-Saturday: lunch and dinner, and Sunday: brunch* and dinner. Remove all perishable food by Sunday evening. Pack supplies and unopened packaged snacks and beverages for return to the HBA.
    Time Committment: Approximately 1-2 hours for tasting in January 2018.

    *Brunch is served prior to the Show opening, for the H&G Committee and their guest.

    NOTE: Committee members that are exhibitors: The food provided is for committee members only, not booth personnel or employees.

    Exhibitor Public Relations: Responsible for welcoming each exhibitor to the Home & Garden Show during first 24 hours of the Show. Give hand addressed thank you notes that are to the exhibitors (get list of vendors from Jenni). 
    Time Committment: Approximately 2-3 hours on Thursday, March 8 or Friday, March 9.

    Entrance Hosts: Coordinate, schedule and prepare volunteers to take tickets and dispense Show programs at each entry. Schedule at least one HBA member at each entry quadrant throughout the Show to greet the public, direct to information booths. Coordinate the decoration of tall tables at each entrance and coordinate signage with Show Sign Chair for donor recognition.

    Possible Groups to contact: PSO (flyer in employee payroll), ONG (flyer in employee payroll), Youth Leadership Tulsa, Junior Achievement, 55+, Tulsa Senior Services, Explorer, Boy Scouts, Volunteers of America, etc. PLEASE NOTE: We will not be giving a donation to their organization unless approved by the Show Chair. This is community work. Additionally, meals will not be provided for volunteers. They will receive two tickets for later admission to the Show.

    Information Booth: Coordinate, schedule and prepare HBA members to man two booths. Ensure that booths are staffed throughout the Show. Coordinate the maps and other reference materials, such as the “Most Commonly Asked Questions” to be located in each booth. Arrange for adequate quantities of HBA public relations materials to be provided to distribute to the public. Email to each info booth volunteer prior to Show reminding them of their shift’s time and date. Once the volunteer has worked their assigned shift they are eligible for two Show tickets. (Committee attire will only be provided to H&G committee volunteers.) Coordinate with Show Sign Chair for proper signage such as “You are here”, Show layout, poster sales, etc. 

  • Post Show Committees - everyone on the committee is expected to help with Sunday Night Tear-Down and Monday morning clean-up. 

    Sunday Night Material Handling: Coordinate the removal of H&G Show decoration & landscaping. Coordinate with the various sub-committee chairs to remove or tear down the areas of the Show that their committees are responsible for such as: Street Signs, Information Booth, Show Signage, Landscaping, Committee Headquarters and Exhibitor Lounges. Assess the need for committee volunteers and hired labor help to clear the Show floor. This committee is also responsible for working with the plant material benefactor to pick-up material Sunday night.
    Time Committment: Approximately 2 hours starting Sunday, March 12 at 5:00 pm.

    Monday Cleanup: Working with HBA staff, ensure a timely cleanup and departure of exhibitor displays. Coordinate return of materials with Transportation Committee.
    Time Committment: Approximately 4 hours on Monday, March 13 from 8:00 am to noon.

    Flower Distribution: Working with the landscaping chair to assess the flowers to be given to the committee at the end of the Show. Will also work with the Information Booth, Entrance Host and Watch Dog chairs to see if anyone has worked multiple shifts to receive additional plants.  In charge of staffing the plant area at the end of the Show to make sure committee members are taking the right plants that have been assigned to them.
    Time Committment: Approximately 1-2 hours during show--will coordinate with flower distribution chair; 2-3 hours on Sunday, March 12.


    *Every committee chair/co-chair is responsible for turning in a report of activities to the Show Coordinator after the Show. The report should include what you did, who you contacted, and any other useful information for a new chair taking over that committee.